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Bill Burr explains why he'll never apologize to the outrage mob

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Comedian Bill Burr has never been one to back down to controversy or bend the knee to political correctness. During a recent podcast appearance, the popular stand-up comedian explained why he'll never apologize to the outrage mob.

On Thursday, Burr appeared on “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” – a podcast hosted by the star of the reality TV stunt show "Jacka**." Steve-O – whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover – asked Burr, "Okay I got a random question. I really thought about this because I’m genuinely curious if you’ve ever apologized for a joke?”

Burr admitted that he has apologized, but specified, "Yeah. But I do it to the individual that I hurt."

Burr explained that "if I told a joke about something that somebody had a personal effect to and I made them sad or made them cry" he would apologize to that offended individual if they were offended at a joke at one of his stand-up comedy shows.

However, Burr proclaimed that he would "refuse to apologize to anybody that is upset that they heard a joke at a show they weren’t at."

He said if a person got offended at a comedy special that he put out for the public, then he would consider the criticism. Burr declared he would never apologize if the negativity is coming from a person solely seeking out content to be outraged about.

Burr noted that there is so much entertainment online and on streaming services that there is plenty not to get angry at, and presented "videos of dogs snoring" as an example.

The comedy great said, "But you went out of your way to f***ing watch this thing, it’s on you."

"I am a big believer in if you are wrong, and if you feel you’re wrong, you apologize," he conceded. "But I’m not a believer in the mob mentality and I’m not gonna apologize just cause it’s not worth it. Because then all I do is give that strength that it’s okay to do that and then some other comic’s going to have to deal with it."

"The Mandolorian" star added, "If you come up to me after a f***king show, I’ll listen to you, and if I agree with what you’re saying I’ll be like, ‘Yeah, okay. It wasn’t a personal thing, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you went through that or whatever.’ And what I’ve found is they’ll actually be cool with you. People, anybody, like us… They want to be heard."

Burr refuses to apologize to the "professional being offended" crowd who only get outraged to "move whatever cause because you feel like you can fix society with your ideas."

Burr warned that everything has become about "steering" the narrative like "Fox News and CNN" that "some a**hole" will take the audio clip without context and say, "See! Comedians should apologize!"

(CAUTION: Explicit language)

Has Bill Burr Ever Apologized For A Joke? | Wild Ride! Clips www.youtube.com

In the past, Burr has railed against cancel culture, provoked liberals during his Grammy appearance, and defended Gina Carana after she was fired by Disney.

You can watch the entire episode of "Steve-O's Wild Ride" featuring Bill Burr below.

(CAUTION: Explicit language)

Bill Burr - Steve-O's Wild Ride! Ep #107 www.youtube.com

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