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Bill Maher pushes back when Bryan Cranston declares critical race theory 'essential' to be taught in schools

Club Random Podcast

Liberal comedian Bill Maher butted heads with progressive actor Bryan Cranston over whether critical race theory should be taught in schools.

In a recent episode of Maher's "Club Random" podcast, the two quarreled about teaching students CRT in school following a discussion about slavery.

Speaking on the topic of the first U.S. presidents owning slaves, Cranston declared, "It's 400 f***ing years that we’ve dealt with this, and our country still has not taken responsibility or accountability."

When Maher asked what the country hasn't taken responsibility for, Cranston shot back, "For the history of the systemic racism that's in this country."

Maher then wanted to know what more should be done.

The "Breaking Bad" star rebutted, "Well, I mean, for one thing, critical race theory, I think is essential to be teaching."

The "Real Time with Bill Maher" host requested a clarification on the definition of critical race theory.

Cranston replied, "I mean, teaching how the race trade and racism is systemic in everything we’ve done in government, in social activities."

“Yes, it has been,” Maher agreed, and then claimed, "It's like, for example, why the Second Amendment really was, I mean, this is one person’s theory but I think it's the truth, the Second Amendment really has to do with, in a country where you were keeping a hostile people in chains, you needed guns to, you know, you needed very loose reins on guns to keep the lid on that. So that’s a lot to do with why other countries don’t have a Second Amendment the way we do.”

Maher is alluding to the theory that the Second Amendment was created for the sole reason of enabling slave owners and slave patrols. The theory has been disputed in articles, opinion pieces, and by academics.

Maher then cautioned about making blanket statements about critical race theory.

"Critical race theory can mean, I mean, it’s just one of these catch-all terms, if you mean we should honestly teach our past, of course, if you mean more what the 1619 book says, which is that it’s just the essence of America and that we are irredeemable, that’s just wrong," Maher said, referencing the book by New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones.

The Hollywood actor conceded, "Yes, I agree with that. But, even teaching our past and being honest, and owning up to who we are as a country and the history?”

Maher retorted, "Most schools are doing that."

Crantston claimed, "In Florida they want to do away with critical race theory, and a lot of other states."

Maher then explained, "Because sometimes it veers off into things that are really not appropriate in schools."

The talk show host said that teaching young children that they are oppressors is "introducing ideas about race that are inappropriate for kids that age who can’t understand it."

Cranston felt as though common sense would correct any issues, and then Maher pointed out that common sense is "lacking in this country."

In the end, Cranston and Maher agreed that certain "woke" topics should not be taught in school because children are too young to understand the concepts.

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