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Black supporters of President Trump stand up to left-wing mob harassing them amid campus protest


Leftists shouted 'you look like a clown' at the small group of black Trump supporters

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Amid left-wing protests last week at California State University, Chico — which included a leftist caught on video apparently hitting the president of the Chico State Republicans — a small group of young, black supporters of President Donald Trump stood up to a left-wing mob harassing and shouting them down while video was rolling.

One black Trump supporter extends his left arm toward a protester as the pair argueImage source: Twitter video screenshot

A reporter from campus newspaper the Orion said the "family of black Trump supporters" received "verbal harassment from protesters and nearly engaged in a fight."

'You look like a clown!'

In the beginning of the clip, one protester standing atop a small wall repeatedly yelled at the black Trump supporters, "You look like a clown!" Later it became the protesters' chant against them.

One black Trump supporter wore as a cape the iconic yellow Gadsden flag — with its "Don't Tread on Me" and snake insignia — and challenged the protesters to provide evidence of racism, presumably on the part of Trump.

The left-wing protesters — who far outnumbered the black Trump supporters — also chanted, "Do better!"

Here's the clip. ( Content warning: Language):

The broader left-wing protests were against a Walk Away campaign being held in a campus auditorium sponsored by the College Republicans, the Orion reported.

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