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Surveillance video captures mob brutally beating a father and his daughter inside a NYC bodega


"I thought they killed him. I thought he died."

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Surveillance video captured a brutal beating of a father and his stepdaughter by an angry mob, seemingly for no reason, inside a bodega in New York City.

The video showed a mob attacking the woman and her stepfather on July 7 at a Washington Heights deli. At one point the 41-year-old man was knocked unconscious from the vicious blows he received. Later in the video, one person grabbed a beer bottle to beat the woman on the head.

A bystander told the New York Police Department that her phone was also stolen by the mob when she tried to call the police, according to the New York Post.

Later, the stepfather and his 22-year-old daughter spoke to WLNY-TV.

"Came out of nowhere," she said.

The victim said she was stunned by the video because she had blacked out during the incident.

"I feel shocked," she said. "I blacked out because after… You have anxiety and you get nervous, you don't really remember stuff."

She told WLNY that she was walking to the deli when the group began harassing her and accusing her of trying to contact one of their girlfriends. When she rushed into the bodega to avoid the mob, they attacked her.

"I got hit in my face, my head, my face, my neck," she said.

She said her stepfather saw her being attacked and rushed to protect her. That's when the mob turned on him and beat him unconscious.

"I thought they killed him. I thought he died. I saw him on the floor," she said.

The man spent two days in the hospital and said that he was still suffering from pain in his face.

"He doesn't come outside, just relaxing, resting," his daughter said.

Police are asking for help from the public in finding at least six suspects, all in their 20s, from the attack. Three suspects have been identified by police as 22-year-old Tyquan Dupont, 21-year-old Devonte Phillips, and 26-year-old Tyrone Lawrence.

Here's a local news report about the vicious attack:

Exclusive: Victim Of Brutal Washington Heights Deli Attack Speaks Out

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