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Anti-aging tech mogul measures nighttime erections, eats dinner at 11 a.m. in attempt to achieve age reduction
Image via ColinKeeley / Twitter

Anti-aging tech mogul measures nighttime erections, eats dinner at 11 a.m. in attempt to achieve age reduction

Tech mogul Bryan Johnson has spent millions to achieve an optimal anti-aging status that he says helped him break a world record to age more slowly than anyone on the planet.

With this came eating all daily meals before noon, measuring nighttime erections, and taking more than 100 supplements per day, the New York Post reported.

Johnson said his anti-aging decisions started because he would overeat at night.

"I would overeat every night as a result of the stress of everyday life: being a startup entrepreneur, a father to three young kids, leaving a religion I was born into, chronic depression etc.," he explained. "Every night, at 7 PM, there was nothing I could do to stop myself from committing this self-harm of overeating."

Johnson was asked on Twitter if it is really true that he eats dinner at 11 a.m..

"Question Bryan Johnson, is this a typo? Can you clarify?" Model and artist Martina Markota asked, regarding Johnson's supplement routine.

"My final meal of the day is at 11 am. I eat between ~6-11am," he responded.

According to Johnson's website Blueprint, "two years and millions" of dollars later, the entrepreneur said he has optimized his brain, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis, and rectum to perform as if he is only 18 years old.

"Slowed pace of aging by equivalent 31 years. Now accumulating aging damage slower than 88% of 18 year olds," his website stated.

Johnson boasted that his age-defying world record has resulted in aging the equivalent of 88 days less than other humans per year.

"Currently my speed of aging is .76 (DunedinPACE). That means for every 365 days each year, I age 277 days. My goal is to remain the same age biologically for every 365 days that pass," Johnson's anti-aging record video stated.

Johnson has also measured his nighttime erections, which have increased as his aging slows.

"This system just dramatically increased, and so it was an unexpected situation. It was really funny and I didn't realize this was going to be written about publicly," Johnson stated in a video where he revealed this was his most frequently asked question.

Johnson has also used his son as a "blood boy," swapping his plasma for his son's in the process of "rejuvenation therapy," which has allegedly been shown to improve cognitive function, bone structure, and metabolism.

All of Johnson's routines are posted on his website and analyzed on his YouTube channel as he imagines a future "where we would not accept self-harm as the norm."

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