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California Dems to consider resolution that links Israel to Tree of Life Synagogue massacre, report says


Absolutely vile


During this year's California Democratic Party convention, which takes place in San Francisco this weekend, progressive activists will consider a resolution that links Israel to the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre that left 11 Jewish parishioners dead last October.

What are the details?

The resolution claims the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre was "the culmination of an alarming re-emergence of virulent antisemitism that is a core element of historical and currently resurgent white supremacism in the United States and around the world."

"[The] Israeli government, along with some of its U.S. backers, welcomed support from Christian fundamentalist and ultra-right groups in the United States and abroad, dangerously ignoring their deeply rooted antisemitism while aligning with their virulent Islamophobia," the resolution goes on to claim.

Fox News first obtained the proposed resolution, which has been kept under wraps ahead of this weekend's convention. More than a dozen Democratic presidential contenders are expected to attend the convention.

The resolution is tentatively titled, "Commending the House for resolving to fight all racism and bigotry and for resisting the false conflation of support for Palestinian rights with antisemitism," and is authored by state Assembly delegate David Mandel, a lawyer who holds dual U.S.-Israel citizenship.

What did Mandel say?

Mandel disputed the characterization that his resolution links Israel to the massacre, but agreed that it indirectly does so.

"The Israeli government and its supporters here seem to be embracing the right-wing and not caring what they say about anything else — Islamophobia, dog whistles for anti-Semitism," Mandel said. "That, I think, does indirectly lead to some of the violence."

"What we're saying is the Israeli government is aligning itself with right-wing governments around the world, including in this country, and those right-wing groups — a core tenet of their ideology is antisemitism," he told Fox News.

The California Democrat went on to claim that "most of the 3,000 or 4,000 delegates at the convention will agree with us," but predicted the resolution may not pass.

In 2017, Mandel helped pass a resolution at the convention denouncing the "occupation of the Palestinian lands" by the Israeli government.

Additionally, Mandel is spearheading another resolution at this year's convention calling on party officials to "to devote an equal amount of time to visiting Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories" if they take subsidized trips to Israel.

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