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Chris Cuomo, Trump 2020 campaign press secretary square off during intense interview: ‘Do you believe the fake news media has lied?’


They were fired up

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Kayleigh McEnany, national press secretary for President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign, appeared on Wednesday's "Cuomo Prime Time," where she and CNN host Chris Cuomo sparred over who lies: Trump or the "fake news media."

What are the details?

During the interview, McEnany claimed that Trump has never lied to the American public. Cuomo, an outspoken Trump critic, didn't take her assertion well.

"He doesn't lie," McEnany insisted. "The press lies."

Dumbfounded, Cuomo fired back, "You don't think this president has ever lied?"

McEnany repeated her earlier insistence that Trump tells only the truth.

"He has never lied to the American people? Kayleigh McEnany, your credibility will be shot with my audience if you don't back off that statement," Cuomo warned.

McEnany wasn't to be deterred, however, intimating that the "fake news media" is to blame for lies.

"Do you believe the fake news media has ever lied?" she pressed.

Cuomo refused to answer McEnany's question, and instead, killed the interview altogether.

"This interview is over, Kayleigh," he said. "He lies all the time and you know it. If you can't admit that this president has lied to the American people, you will not have credibility with this audience. You have a long way to go, Kayleigh."

The parting shots

McEnany took a parting shot, pointing out her opinion on Cuomo's truthfulness.

"Take a look in the mirror," she said.

Before cutting off the interview, Cuomo, pointing to his face, said, "I do, and I don't like these lines, but I do like that I don't lie to my audience every damn chance I get."

After McEnany departed, Cuomo took one more shot.

"You can't say that this president doesn't lie to you guys," he said. "You can argue why he lies, you can argue how you feel about his lies, but if you can't even admit that — this conversation is dead."

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