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'Cicada tacos' are on the menu for young environmentalists. Why? Eating the invading bugs are part of 'living sustainably.'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @njdotcom

Amid the current cicada invasion underway, some students at Princeton High School are getting creative — they're eating them.

Say what?

Yes, there's an Insect-Eating Club at the school — and teacher Mark Eastburn joined club members at a recent cicada catching and tasting party in Princeton, New Jersey, NJ.com reported.

"We are going to have to get more used to eating insects," Eastburn told the outlet. "As the population of the Earth continues to grow, protein sources are going to be harder and harder to raise, so really insects are the solution to a lot of the world's problems and that's what we're hoping to inspire the next generation to pursue."

Eastburn also told the outlet that the gathering was "an opportunity to really highlight the importance of living sustainably."

More from NJ.com:

There were plenty of options on the menu. Some featured the insect bodies in recognizable form, like the Salted Roast Cicadas, Cicada Stir-Fry, Deep Fried Soft Shell Cicadas.

Other dishes didn't scream "There are bugs in my food" at first glance, such as Cicada banana bread with nuts or Chocolate Chip Cicada Cookies.

At one point during the afternoon, club founder Matthew Livingston came out onto the deck from the kitchen and yelled something not often heard at dinner parties, "Cicada smoothies! Anyone want to help me make them?"

Of course they did. This is, after all, the Insect-Eating Club. Freshman Nicolas Maya had the first sip and announced, "It's good!"

Check out the culinary experiment below, if you dare:

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