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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell attacks BLM movement for racism, how it plays the Democratic Party: 'This is not 1960'


'Frustrated and disappointed in the Democratic Party and the left'

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell joined "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday night, where he blasted the Black Lives Matter movement as racist.

What are the details?

Host Mark Levin spoke with Terrell about the Black Lives Matter movement, the state of the Democratic Party, and the treatment of law enforcement in 2020.

Terrell expressed his disappointment with the party, which he says has propped up presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden as some sort of savior.

"I'm frustrated and disappointed in the Democratic Party and the left," he insisted. "[I]t really started a couple of weeks ago when Joe Biden made that comment, that awful comment, that insulting comment that if you vote Republican, you ain't black. ... That statement was condescending and insulted every African American and every American."

He also pointed out that the Democratic Party should be ashamed for not calling out rioting, looting, and murder during the protests that followed the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers.

"[Y]ou have the ultimate insult of talking about defunding the police," Terrell later added. "I may criticize bad police officers, because Mark, 97 or 98% of the officers are great. They protect you and I at two or three in the morning. And 2 or 3% — like the George Floyd situation — horrible. But my goodness, to defund the police? To take away law and order?"

[Part 1] Leo Terrell Appears on Life, Liberty & Levin to Discuss Race Relationswww.youtube.com

He also warned that the Black Lives Matter movement has the 2020 Democratic Party in the palm of its hand.

"Democrats will not criticize Black Lives Matter," Terrell explained. "Black Lives Matter is disingenuous. Why? Because there's only certain black lives that they care about. ... It is certain blacks that they care about to profiteer the black community."

Terrell added that the movement has been able to muffle Democratic leadership by using fear tactics and manipulation.

"[T]he perception is that they control the Democratic Party. I'm hoping, I'm begging, I'm praying that they don't control the Democratic Party, but the current status right now, it is. It has control of the Democratic Party. It has muted Democratic leadership," he said. "The Democratic leadership is afraid of Black Lives Matter for a variety of reasons. One is the most insulting. They assume they speak for African Americans."

[Part 2] Leo Terrell Appears on Life, Liberty & Levin to Discuss Race Relationswww.youtube.com

He also took aim at the movement's apparent personal agenda of insisting racism on the part of white police officers.

"[Black Lives Matter] are profiting on trying to give a narrative, a false narrative that this is white racist cops that's destroying the black community," he continued. "As a civil rights attorney, I know there may be 1 or 2% of bad cops, but 98%, they are great, and when you talk about Chicago, you talk about Atlanta, you talk about Washington, D.C., and L.A., this big lie ... of systemic discrimination."

He added that there is simply no such thing as systemic discrimination.

"How can you have systemic discrimination in Chicago when the leadership is minority?" he marveled. "I know what systemic discrimination is. It does not exist, but yet this is the entire narrative that the Black Lives leadership portrays, the Democratic leadership: systemic discrimination. It doesn't exist. They don't know what they are talking about. This is not 1960."

[Part 3] Leo Terrell Appears on Life, Liberty & Levin to Discuss Race Relationswww.youtube.com

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