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'It's about insurrection': CNN analyst pushes absurd idea about father who told Biden 'Let's go, Brandon'

Image source: Twitter @TimJGraham screenshot

CNN was not happy that an Oregon father said "Let's go, Brandon" while speaking with President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve.

In fact, a CNN analyst reacting to the viral incident concluded the moment represented everything wrong with the current political climate in America — and that it's really about "insurrection." The analyst somehow forgot that vulgarity toward former President Donald Trump was praised when he was in the White House.

What did the panel say?

Ron Brownstein, a senior political analyst at CNN and senior editor at the Atlantic, was asked Friday what the incident — characterized by the CNN host as "disrespect[ing] the office of the president to his face" — says about the "political climate in this country."

"It's ungracious, it's juvenile, it's reprehensible by the father," Brownstein responded. "But I don’t think it’s fundamentally about incivility. I think it’s fundamentally about insurrection."

"The whole ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ kind of motif is a reflection of the view [of] two-thirds of the Republican base — driven by Trump’s false claims and the 'Big Lie' that Biden is an illegitimate president,” he continued. “And it reflects, as well, the findings in multiple polls by the American Enterprise Institute, Vanderbilt University, and others that a majority of Republican voters now say the American way of life is disappearing so fast that ... we may have to use force to save it."

"This is a manifestation, not just of incivility, but of the fundamental view of the illegitimacy and the ominous shores that we're kind of sailing toward very quickly in 2022 and especially 2024," Brownstein said.

What about Trump?

Rules about respecting the office of the presidency are apparently different based on who occupies the office.

When Trump was president, Democrats and media personalities often celebrated vulgar demonstrations and protests against Trump.

For example, Juli Briskman went viral in 2017 when she was photographed giving the middle finger to Trump's motorcade. Although she lost her job over the incident, supporters raised tens of thousands of dollars on her behalf, she was praised by Trump's detractors, and she even went on to win an election in Virginia.

And who could forget when legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro received a standing ovation at the 2018 Tony Awards when he proclaimed, "F*** Trump."

In fact, countless examples exist of media personalities, Hollywood celebrities, and Democratic commentators openly disparaging and disrespecting Trump when he was president. Meanwhile, numberless photographs of protesters proudly carrying signs that say "F*** Trump" during the Trump era also demonstrate how much respect was offered to the presidency when Trump held the office.

Thus the reaction to Biden being told "Let's go, Brandon" only proves the double standard that the outraged employ when someone disrespects the office of the president. When it's a guy they do not like, by all means, disrespect and insult him. But when someone they like is president, jokes directed at him literally become "about insurrection."

Ben Shapiro sarcastically captured the hypocritical phenomenon.

"OMG a guy was disrespectful to the president of the United States in one of the most euphemistic ways possible after four years of the entire legacy media celebrating p****hats, middle fingers, and f*** yous directed at the president of the United States, everybody freak out," Shapiro wrote on Twitter.

"I've noticed our 'speaking truth to power' media are laser-focused on outing and cudgeling a random dad who said 'Let's Go Brandon' on behalf of the most powerful person on planet earth," he added.

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