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College students of course favor government's eviction moratorium — then get schooled by landlords, others who know its real price
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College students of course favor government's eviction moratorium — then get schooled by landlords, others who know its real price

In the wake of the eviction moratorium extension by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Campus Reform visited college students in Washington, D.C., to get their opinions on renters living for free on properties they don't own while landlords still have to pay mortgages.

Given that just about all college students are renters, generally speaking, you can imagine that they were in favor of the the eviction moratorium put in place due to business shutdowns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

"People don't deserve to be thrown out of their homes, especially in a time like this," one student told the outlet.

Another student said the eviction moratorium is a "basic moral thing" and a matter of "forgiveness" when income has vanished for so many people.

"It seems like a good thing," another student said of the eviction moratorium.

In fairness, the students interviewed, by and large, also said it isn't fair that property owners are stuck footing the bills in the absence of rent — however, a number of them said that's where the government has to step in and cover financially for property owners.

Indeed, when they were asked how they'd feel if they were in property owners' shoes, the students admitted that they'd be "upset" and "very pissed" and "irritated" and "bummed out."

A splash of cold water

Commenters on the below video showing the interviews with the D.C. college students tore into the students' responses:

  • "I am a landlord. My tenant hasn't payed rent In a year. This is literally my life," one commenter wrote. "It's frustrating. I might lose the house to taxes because the government didn't stop charging me taxes on the houses when they decided I couldn't rent successfully anymore."
  • "'No one should be kicked out of their home.' Umm it's not YOUR house if you're renting it," another commenter shot back.
  • "'People don't deserve to be thrown out of their homes.' They are renting and not paying said rent," another commenter observed. "This is why people don't listen to youth. They are too readily to give advice when they in the same sentence say I don't know any details of the issue."
  • "People lose their home[s] because they can't pay the mortgage[s] but the people living in the rented homes live there for free. ... Dems at their best!" another commenter said.
  • "It's funny watching these people who believe they are going to 'fight the man' and 'put truth to power' cry and beg for more government control," another commenter declared. "Absolute buffoons."

Students LOVE Biden's Eviction Moratorium… As Long As It Doesn't Apply To Themyoutu.be

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