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Connecticut paper runs editorial claiming every last Trump voter supports racism


'You can't support Trump without supporting the racism that forms the bedrock of his political persona'

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The editorial board at the Hartford Courant officially endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for president on Sunday — and in doing so called every last supporter of President Donald Trump a racist.

They said what?

"You probably think you can vote for Donald Trump but not support racism; here's why you're wrong," the story's headline stated, making no mistake about the argument to be offered below.

Then, after briefly stating that there are "many reasons" not to endorse Trump, the editors dove into the "one issue that demands a closer look as we approach Election Day ... racism":

President Trump's views on race and his willingness to exploit deep-rooted divisions are well documented. He jump-started his 2016 campaign by equating Mexicans with rapists and drug dealers. When racist violence erupted at a Charlottesville, Va., white-supremacist rally, Trump said there were "very fine people on both sides." And most recently, when asked during a debate with Biden to denounce white nationalism, Trump said it was time for the militaristic hate group the Proud Boys to step back — but also to "stand by."

That alone should frighten you, but right about now is when some of you are probably saying that you don't subscribe to the kind of racist invective Trump uses to fire up his base. You believe in the free market and low taxes, or you're against abortion, or you just don't trust the Democrats.

But on race? You believe that all men and women are created equal. I see the person, you say, not the color of their skin.

Side note: The oft-repeated invocation that Trump referred to neo-Nazis and white nationalists at the 2017 riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, as "very fine people" is a flat-out lie.

The full context of the remarks, as reported by Politifact, show that Trump clarified during his remarks, saying, "You had people — and I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally — but you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists."

As for Trump's "Proud Boys" remarks, he would later clarify that, too, saying that the "alt-right" group should "stand down and let law enforcement do its work."

Furthermore, despite the left-wing media's insistence that he hasn't, Trump has repeatedly condemned white supremacism.

It gets worse

Alas, moving on from their misleading portrait of Trump as a bonafide racist, the Hartford Courant editors insisted that all those who support him are racists, too.

"Politics is always about compromise," they acknowledged. "But Trump's racism isn't the same, not even close."

"The difference now, in 2020, is that Donald Trump doesn't just exploit racism, he revels in it," they claimed. "Trump wears his whiteness like a badge of honor and plays his affinity for groups like the Proud Boys and other agents of racial hatred for applause. Trump doesn't simply mine the racial divide for political advantage, he treats it like a worldview to be celebrated and adored."

As such, whoever votes for Trump is not an innocent party but a guilty participant in the proliferation of racist practices.

"You can't support Trump without supporting the racism that forms the bedrock of his political persona," the editorial stated. "You may not think of yourself as promoting racism if you vote for Trump, but you are giving comfort and aid to the hateful among us."

Bet you didn't know that, Trump supporters. You'll likely change your vote now.

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