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'Banana Republic': DeSantis and other conservatives sound off after Trump says the FBI raided his Mar-A-Lago home

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican politicians and conservative commentators sounded off on Monday after former President Donald Trump released a statement saying that the FBI had raided Mar-A-Lago.

"The raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime's political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves. Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic," Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared in a tweet.

"This is the act of a dictator of a Banana Republic. Republicans NEVER did this to Clinton, although perhaps we should have. With Joe & Hunter Biden paying zero consequence for his actions. This is shameful and MUST STOP. We don’t do this in America. Way over the line," Glenn Beck tweeted.

"In third world countries and banana republics they prosecute the former presidents/leaders and their staff. Right now, we look beneath them. We are in a race to the bottom," GOP Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky tweeted.

"Using government power to persecute political opponents is something we have seen many times from 3rd world Marxist dictatorships," Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida tweeted. "But never before in America."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy declared that when Republicans regain the majority in the chamber, they will carry out "immediate oversight" of the Justice Department. "Attorney General Garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar," McCarthy said in the statement.

Trump, who is widely expected to run for president again, issued a statement on Monday in which he said that, "my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents."

"It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don't want me to run for President in 2024 ... and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the incoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before."

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