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Dad goes viral for woke ​makeover​ of classic Disney fairy tales — and reactions are mixed

Image Source: TikTok screenshots

A dad on TikTok has gone viral after putting his computer editing skills to work to remake in woke fashion several classic Disney fairy tales.

What are the details?

In a series of video posts, the dad — who goes by @dcaspers on the social media platform — shows himself removing what he deems to be "gender stereotypes" from classic Disney books so that his young daughters learn not to "settle" for society's sexist expectations for them.

In one video, he remakes a scene from "Beauty and the Beast" to highlight an oft-disputed claim about discrimination against women in the workplace.

Rather than Belle making homemade brownies to cheer the Beast up, the dad rewrites the story to show that Belle didn't have time to make the brownies because she had to work all day. So instead she picks up some store-bought Oatmeal Creme Pies on her way over.

When the Beast sees the treats, he expresses disappointment — but Belle shoots back, "I'm on a budget, I only make 78 cents to the dollar."


Changing tomorrow starts today (part 2) #madatdisney #girldad #oatmealcremepies

In another video, the dad "add[s] diversity to Disney" by making Cinderella fall in love with a female companion.

Instead of the Disney princess finding her Prince Charming at the fabled ball, she ends up finding "true love" with none other than Belle.


Reply to Adding diversity to Disney #madatdisney #girldad #lgbtq

In yet another video captioned as "changing tomorrow starts today," the video maker alters a scene from Disney's "Princess and the Frog" that shows Princess Tiana baking cookies for Prince Naveen. But in the new version, Tiana makes nachos for herself.

"Excuse me, Prince Naveen, these nachos are just for me," the new text says. "Sorry, Prince, make your own damn nachos," @dcaspers adds in the caption.

Other videos — there are eight in all — feature doctored versions of scenes from "Brave," "Rapunzel," and "The Little Mermaid."

What has been the reaction?

The videos were actually posted last year but only recently started trending on the internet. In recent weeks, they have garnered millions of views on the platform and have sparked contentious debate.

Some reportedly have celebrated the dad as a "fairy godfather" of sorts while others are slamming him for needlessly defacing classic stories.

"Why can't all men see how problematic those books can be?" one TikTok fan asked, according to the New York Post.

Another supporter wondered, "Can you sell these stories? I have two daughters I'm super interested!!! Great job!!!"

"I would legit buy a book you edited," another commenter added, according to the Daily Mail. "Please make more and sell them!"

Others weren't so enthused and labeled the videos as examples of cancel culture.

"This generation literally cancels people for the most minuscule things," one critic charged.

Another wrote, "So instead of learning from history, we should just erase it and change it to fit our own likings?"

Still another said: "This is extra, I tell my daughters they can do anything they set their mind to ... no need to teach them misandry."

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