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'Daily Show' producer under fire for publicly shaming his elderly, Trump-supporting grandfather on social media


Is that funny?

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Brandon Stefanowitz, a producer for Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," caught the ire of social media over the Thanksgiving holiday after posting a photo of his grandfather wearing a mock MAGA hat.

The hat, which is green and reads, "Make America Greta Again," is a hat for climate change activists and refers to climate change superstar Greta Thunberg.

What are the details?

Stefanowitz shared a photo of his smiling grandpa, who was posed with two thumbs up in front of a loaded Thanksgiving dish.

Stefanowitz wrote, "My grandfather is sporting what he thinks is a MAGA hat. Little does he know this accessory is completely against what he believes in when it comes to politics/climate change."

At the time of this writing, Stefanowitz's post has been liked more than 25,000 times, and has received more than 3,800 comments.

After the post went viral, he clarified that his grandfather was let in on the joke and was "entertained" by the initial posting.

"UPDATE: Gramps discovered the hat's meaning shortly after and is aware/entertained of this post," he wrote. "Guess I'm lucky to be surrounded by fam that has a great sense of humor even though we all have different views. Just some lighthearted family fun on Thanksgiving."

What were some of the reactions?

  • "I love taking advantage of the elderly! It's so easy to trick them. This rocks!"
  • "Kind of disrespectful to your grandfather."
  • "This is horribly cruel. Stop it."
  • "Not very respectful to your grandfather. I despise Trump with the fire of 1,000 suns. Not cool."
  • "Wow, you being a jerk to your grandpa over political differences is so funny."
  • "Mom: Weird, Grandpa just called and asked me to drive him to his attorneys office first thing Monday morning."
  • "Small people do small things. Big people, like his grandpa, don't get their briefs in a bunch about what the small ones do."
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