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Rep. Dan Crenshaw goes on Border Patrol ride-along, reveals truth about what's going on at the border


The reality of what's happening at the border

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Democrats staunchly oppose President Donald Trump's plan to build a wall on the southern U.S. border to combat illegal immigration. They claim a physical wall is inhumane, arguing border security should instead focus on implementing technologies like cameras and drones.

But Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) went on a ride-along with the Border Patrol last week in the McAllen-Brownsville border sector. What he learned there demolishes Democrats' narrative about the border.

What did Crenshaw learn?

In a 10-minute, documentary-style video, Crenshaw interviews Border Patrol administrators about the reality of the situation on the ground, while also examining the effectiveness of border walls and explaining why rampant illegal immigration is bad for America.

Crenshaw explains that 94 percent of illegal crossings in the Rio Grande Valley area occur in the McAllen sector, whereas the Brownsville sector accounts for just 6 percent of illegal crossings. The difference? Brownsville has a steel-bar fence with barbed wire while McAllen has no physical border barrier.

"So it doesn't take a whole lot of analysis here to figure out why [the border wall in Brownsville] is working," Crenshaw quipped.

In McAllen, a Border Patrol deputy chief told Crenshaw that his sector sees an average of 640 apprehensions per night, a number that sometimes spikes to more than 1,000. Unfortunately, due to thin resources and not enough Border Patrol agents, the chief said hundreds more illegal immigrants evade apprehension on a typical night.

Crenshaw learned that farmers and ranchers along the border also agree that a border wall is necessary, but many fear voicing their opinions over concerns of retribution. Crenshaw spoke with one rancher who was not apprehensive.

"Everybody says, 'Oh, we don't have any problems.' There is a lot of problems out there. If you're out there 24/7, you can see a lot of that stuff," the man, identified as Joe, told Crenshaw.

Additionally, Crenshaw spoke about how children are exploited by illegal immigrants in order to receive special treatment once inside the U.S. Crenshaw said "family units" are almost guaranteed to be released while the government processes asylum claims. Crenshaw highlighted the obvious dangers of such rampant illegal immigration, explaining how it creates a haven for human traffickers to smuggle enslaved people into the U.S.

Watch Crenshaw's video here:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Truth at the Southern Borderwww.youtube.com

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