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David Webb blasts CNN analyst Areva Martin after she assumes his race: ‘She throws her team under the bus!’


'There is no such thing as white privilege'

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David Webb, the black conservative radio host at the center of a viral media gaffe involving CNN analyst Areva Martin, has hit out at Martin for throwing her team under the bus after she claimed he was the beneficiary of "white privilege."

White privilege?

On Tuesday, Martin accused Webb during his Sirius XM radio show of benefiting from white privilege as it pertained to race and job qualifications.

When Webb corrected Martin's inaccurate assumption, and told her that he's actually a black man, Webb apologized. She then immediately placed the blame on her team for not preparing her better.

What is he saying now?

Webb, who is also a host of Fox Nation, appeared on Wednesday's "Fox & Friends," where he discussed Tuesday's encounter with Martin.

During his Fox appearance, Webb pointed out that such narratives should have no bearing on substantial and productive discussions.

"Forget tone, voice, being prepped, as I said to her. She immediately defaulted to an attack — which is a false narrative; there's no such thing as 'white privilege,'" Webb explained. "There's earned privilege in life that you work for, there are those who may have this form of privilege that they exert on others in the form of influence, but this about more than what she just said and the embarrassment, and she should be, but the default to this easy, false narrative."

"Fox & Friends" co-host Ainsley Earhardt discussed Martin's apology with Webb.

"Well, she apologized," Webb said. "You know, you're caught. What do you do? So she apologized."

"But," he added, "in that apology, she throws her team under the bus!"

Webb pointed out that his issue wasn't about accepting or not accepting Martin's apology.

"She got caught," Webb said. "I invited her back. I said, 'Let's come back and have a longer conversation about white privilege as you see it."

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