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Canadian school board member at transgender flag ceremony says, 'Fight the strict binaries of gender, rooted in patriarchal colonial systems'

Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star via Getty Images

A member of the Durham District School Board in Ontario, Canada, called for a fight against "patriarchal colonial systems," "cultural norms," and even "hyper femininity" at a recent transgender flag-raising ceremony.

As reported by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, a senior researcher for True North news, Shane Stagg, a Department Head of Library at Brooklin High School, gave scathing remarks on his school district, calling it a "colonial system" that has caused "significant harm."

"District 13 recognizes the significant harm rooted in our colonial past, and the impacts of colonialism that continue to this day," Stagg said.

"We must work hard to fight the strict binaries of gender rooted in patriarchal colonial systems," the educator continued.

According to his LinkedIn page, Stagg has worked for the Durham District School Board for over 22 years, as a librarian, teacher, and programs facilitator.

According to Canada's "Sunshine List," which tracks public servants who have an income over $100,000 per year, Stagg has earned over $101,000 each year since 2017.

"We must fight hyper masculinity and hyper femininity. We must challenge that gender is rooted in biology," Stagg continued during the ceremony.

"We must challenge the cultural norms of 'blueness' and 'pinkness' defining our expressions and genders," he added.

Stagg appears to have helped plan the collection of material for the Brooklin High School library, stating on his Twitter account in February 2015 that he was "putting together lists for a new library collection." The school opened in September 2015.

"All sexism, homophobia, and transphobia are rooted in these strict binaries, and they must end," Stagg went on, insisting that the transgender day of celebration has offered the community many "gifts."

"As we raise the transgender flag today, we gather in celebration of the richness, diversity, and gifts the trans community offer to us all."

The Durham District School Board has a complex equity and inclusion program, making distinct note of "addressing anti-black racism."

In an "Equity and Diversity Strategic Plan," the first page states that some of the students "express their gender identities in a male/female binary, [while] others express their gender identities in a fluid continuum. They all find love in different ways."

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