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Twitter torches CNN's Chris Cillizza for claiming Republicans have become more right than Democrats have swung to the left

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Chris Cillizza of CNN tried to claim that Republicans are at fault for the polarization in Congress, and Twitter took him to task for the claim.

The editor-at-large wrote that Republicans had swung more to the right than Democrats had swung to the left based on a report by the Pew Research Center.

"The technical term is 'asymmetric polarization,'" wrote Cillizza. "It means that one political party is getting more partisan (or polarized) than the other -- or that one side is moving closer to its ideological pole than the other."

The study said Democrats in Congress had only grown marginally in their support for left-wing politics while Republicans had grown far more to the right.

"What those findings mean is that not only have Republicans moved faster and further to the ideological right than Democrats have gone to the left, but also that they have made the entirety of the House and Senate more conservative over the past 50 years," Cillizza added.

Many on social media excoriated Cillizza's claim and pointed out many examples where Democrats had abandoned positions that are now considered conservative.

"My dude, Obama was supporting traditional marriage in 2008 during his presidential campaign," Noam Blum pointed out.

"Only because Democrats were liberal then & have grown more illiberal & leftist since," responded Dan McLaughlin of National Review.

"He really believes this s***. Ask yourself this: what did Ronald Reagan support compared to what the modern Republican Party supports. Now do the same for 1990s Bill Clinton and Democrats. The other side appears to have moved when you fall off the edge," said columnist Derek Hunter.

"Obama ran against gay marriage. His Veep promised repeatedly that he wouldn't take away your guns. Bill Clinton said the era of big government was over, implemented Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law," read another tweet.

"I remember the campaign to teach kindergarteners about transgenderism in 1985," another detractor replied.

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