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Progressive activists are furious over DNC vote on climate change debate


"We're asking you to fight for our futures!"

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

The far left progressive wing of the Democratic Party flew into an uproar after a vote from a committee of the Democratic National Committee to reject a debate on climate change for the presidential candidates.

Climate change activists decried the 17 to 8 vote of the DNC Resolutions Committee in a meeting in San Francisco.

"We're asking you to fight for our futures!" shouted a woman while standing on a chair.

Immediately after the vote, young activists chanted, "which side are you on?!" in protest. Videos of the confrontation were circulated on social media.

Party establishment leaders argued that it was unfair to focus on one single issue for an entire debate.

"Apparently, the threat to the future of human civilization is just not big enough issue to debate!" complained activist Max Howroute on his social media account.

Another video showed an official trying to keep activists out, which resulted in a shoving match between him and one of the climate change advocacy leaders.

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) released an ambitious plan to tackle climate change that the New York Times described as the most expensive of all the candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Activists plan to bring up the debate over climate change again on Saturday at another meeting of the committee.

DNC Summer Meeting Chaos: Shoving Ensues As Organizer Tries To Physically Block People From Enteringwww.youtube.com

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