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Republican stumps Elizabeth Warren over single question about fairness of student loan cancellation: 'Where do I sign up for reimbursement?'

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) stole a play from "Dodgeball" on Friday — dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge — when a Republican guest co-host on "The View" confronted her about student loan cancellation.

What happened?

Because Warren advocates for mass student loan cancellation, Republican Lindsey Granger asked Warren how she plans to reimburse Americans who paid off their student loans.

The question exposed what critics of student loan forgiveness say is the innate unfairness of canceling student loans.

"What do you say to someone like me who worked two jobs for a decade to pay all their student loans — just finished. Where do I sign up for reimbursement?" Granger asked.

Elizabeth Warren Explains Why She's Calling on Biden to Cancel Student Loan Debt | The Viewyoutu.be

Warren, however, completely deflected from answering the question, and instead presented her talking points for why she believes student loan cancellation is necessary.

"So let's start out with who has student loans today. About 40% of folks with student loans don't have a college diploma," Warren began. "They're folks who tried and life happened ... and now they earn what a high school grad earns, and they're trying to pay off college-level debt, and it is crushing their bones.

"Keep in mind that of those that have student loan debt more than half have negative wealth— they don't have any wealth. You know that right now there are tens of thousands of people who are living on Social Security, who are having their Social Security checks garnished to pay student loans," she continued. "And so this for me is a question of fairness."

Warren then repeated her misleading claim that she only spent $50 per semester going to the University of Houston (The school's newspaper notes that Warren probably paid at least double what she claims).

"There was a time in America when we invested in our public colleges and universities, that's how I could go to a college that cost $50 a semester paid for on two part-time jobs. But today that option is not out there for our young people," Warren said. "So this is about saying: Look, it's tough, we understand that. We want to invest in you. We want to invest in your getting an education."

At no point did Warren answer Granger's question. After her response ended, the panel immediately shifted the topic to the fallout over the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Anything else?

"The View" later went off the rails Friday when liberal co-host Sunny Hostin racially insulted Granger.

"I feel like it's an oxymoron, a black Republican," Hostin said after Granger identified as a Republican.

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