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Facebook monitors reportedly reveal nefarious agenda: 'If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism'


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A new Project Veritas investigation says it discovered Facebook's third-party content moderators are reportedly engaging in a leftist agenda of censoring President Donald Trump's supporters.

What are the details?

Cognizant, a Facebook-contracted company hired to moderate content and remove at their whim, is a third-party administrator responsible for evaluating Facebook posts on a daily basis.

Project Veritas' Zach McElroy went undercover at the company and said that he noticed a disturbing trend in the company's "Civic Harassment Queue."

"I saw upwards of 75 to 80 percent of the posts in that queue were from Republican pages," he revealed.

McElroy said that the monitoring and deletion seems to be mainly focused on eradicating Republican, conservative, and Trump-related content from the social media platform.

"So, for 75 to 80 percent of the posts to be targeting Republicans and conservatives, you can say it was a bot," he said. "But somebody had to design that algorithm. So really, somebody at Facebook."

According to reports, "Several unnamed moderators from Cognizant were caught on camera saying that they would remove Trump supporters' posts, even if those posts were not in violation."

At least one unidentified monitor insisted that it was "common sense" to delete any posts tagged with #MAGA.

In a video recorded by Project Veritas, a journalist can be heard asking one of the monitors, "If you see a conservative post, you just get rid of it right?"

The monitor responds, "Yes! I don't give no f*****. I'll delete it."

Another employee who identified himself as Daniel Will — a Cognizant employee — admitted that Facebook engages in shadowbanning.

"Facebook is notorious for it. They say they don't, but it's clear that people's content don't come because it's been de-filtered off the queue," he said.

Another unidentified moderator reportedly added, "If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism."

McElroy was also reportedly able to take a screenshot of an inflammatory, anti-Trump post showing the president's head being cut off. The moderator reportedly said that the post would not be flagged as hate speech. Contrarily, a posting featuring a cartoon Elmer Fudd shooting at former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke was reportedly flagged as hate speech.

Robert Miller, reportedly a moderator at Cognizant, also admitted that a lot of the removed content includes Republican-leaning posts.

“Yeah. It's all Republicans. But a lot of it comes off of Trump's page specific — uh, specifically," he said.

Facebook Content Moderator: 'If Someone's Wearing MAGA Hat, I'm Going to Delete Them for Terrorism'www.youtube.com

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