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Left-wing feminist website applauds bullies who followed female senator into bathroom to harass her

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By now, nearly everybody who has been paying at least a modicum of attention to the news is aware of what happened to Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over the weekend on the campus at Arizona State University.

For those who may have missed it, the social justice group Living United for Change in Arizona uploaded a video of activists harassing the lawmaker at an ASU classroom where she is a lecturer. After accosting Sinema in the classroom, where tuition-paying students were attending class, the activists — including apparently one man — followed Sinema down the hall and into the bathroom — and continued to harass her while she was in a stall doing her business.

In the video, other women were seen trying to use the restroom as the left-wing bullies kept up their antics.

The activists were demanding that Sinema, who has stood opposed to President Joe Biden's and congressional Democrats' massive $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, support her party's legislation to give amnesty to illegal aliens. However, they were seemingly unaware that the Senate parliamentarian already ruled twice that the immigration legislation could not be added to the reconciliation bill.

Americans on the right and the left condemned the tactics of the activists who bullied the senator in the bathroom and quite possibly violated the personal privacy legal protections afforded the senator and the other women in the restroom.

But the left-wing feminist website, Jezebel, was not one of those who criticized the social justice warriors' boorish behavior. Instead, the far-left group ran a piece applauding the bullies who went after the female lawmaker.

Rather than defend Sinema and call out the harassers, Ashley Reese, who wrote the piece, "Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall," attacked those on the right and the left who actually did stand up for decency and sided with the bullies who were "piping mad" because they "don't understand what the f*** she's doing any better than the rest of us." From Jezebel:

Fox News, predictably, published a headline asserting that Sinema was being “stalked." Right-wing goons Jack Posobiec responded to LUCHA's video by tagging the FBI. NBC's Senior Capitol Hill Correspondent Garret Haake tweeted, “If you think this will be effective in moving Sinema, ask yourself when the last time was that you took unsolicited advice from a stranger in a bathroom." It's clear he's never been in a woman's club bathroom. And even The Nation's justice correspondent, Elie Mystal, insisted, “There is absolutely no upside to protesting people while they're in the bathroom."

Then there's Sinema's take: In a statement, she described the incident as “not a legitimate protest."

“It is unacceptable for activist organizations to instruct their members to jeopardize themselves by engaging in unlawful activities such as gaining entry to closed university buildings...and filming students in a restroom," Sinema said.

Given these reactions, one would think that an angry activist kicked open the bathroom door while Sinema was taking a massive dump. Instead, they just sort of stood around in a public space, politely but firmly demanding that Sinema to do the job they elected her to do.

The author continued to justify attacks on Sinema for her opposition to the reconciliation bill by noting the activists were right to fight for the amnesty plan. But the writer never acknowledged that the parliamentarian had already ruled, more than once, that the amnesty plan was out-of-bounds for the yet-to-be-written reconciliation package.

But no matter. Social justice warriors are not to be questioned.

Plus, what else were they supposed to do? Reese wondered.

"And for all the pearl-clutching, few are providing a more effective and safe alternative to what these activists did," Reese wrote. "They told Sinema, to her face — and through a door — that she was failing them and why."

It was perfectly fine to reportedly violate Arizona law about filming people in the bathroom, you see, because "[t]here was no violence, no rude language, nothing. Just a few constituents following their representative into a large bathroom to air their grievances."

"What should they have done instead?" Reese wondered.

Suddenly, for the likes of Jezebel, bathroom attacks are totally fair game.

"But maybe it's easier to act like a public bathroom is a sacred place than criticize the fact that Sinema decided to hide from her voters like a coward," Reese concluded.

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