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Americans are to blame for fentanyl smuggling, 'xenophobia' stops border reform, says Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Photographer: Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) predominantly blamed Republicans and Americans, in general, for problems at the U.S.-Mexico border recently, saying that Americans are responsible for a rise in fentanyl coming across the border.

In an interview with MSNBC, the Democrat also blamed "xenophobia" on the part of Republicans for stifling border policy reform.

On a video post on her Twitter, the Florida representative wrote the following caption: "Fentanyl at our southern border is being brought in by Americans - not immigrants. While Republicans fearmonger, House Democrats stand ready to fund [Border Patrol] and pass comprehensive immigration reform."

During her interview, the 56-year-old blamed legal border crossings as the source of fentanyl smuggling into the United States, which she says is perpetrated by American citizens.

"The majority of drugs ... which is absolutely something we have to stop, are coming across the border, mostly carried by Americans at our actual border crossings. So, that's where we need to get a handle on this, and Democrats have put more resources into the Border Patrol the last several fiscal years," Wasserman Schultz said.

"We need Republicans to come to the table and work with us on comprehensive immigration reform so we can really get at the crux of this problem," she added.

In another Tweet, the former Hillary Clinton campaign co-chair blamed Republicans and their "xenophobia" for a lack of policy reform.

"Immigration reform is halted for one major reason: xenophobia. While House Democrats work to create legal pathways for entry, Republicans are focused on denying the American Dream to those fleeing poverty and persecution."

In an interview with Jose Diaz-Balart, the MSNBC host asks, "Why is it so difficult for there to be some movement, bipartisan or not, some movement on immigration reform?"

"Xenophobia," Wasserman Schultz quickly responded.

"Really, that's the bottom line. Democrats have stepped up to the table again and again and tried six ways from Sunday, every permutation of making sure we can have people be able to come to our country," she adds.

In 2019, Wasserman Schultz repeatedly called the idea of a border wall "xenophobic," referring to the wall as a "monument" to President Trump.

In 2020, she also called deportations xenophobic, regarding international students attending school in an online-only format.

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