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Family of late abortion doctor discover remains of over 2,000 aborted children at his home — police are investigating


This is horrific

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Police are investigating a gruesome discovery among the personal items of a controversial abortion doctor that passed away on September 3.

A lawyer for his family contacted the authorities after they discovered fetal remains on the property of Ulrich George Klopfer.

They found 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains.

Police say the family is cooperating with the investigation. They also say there's no evidence that medical operations were performed at the location where the remains were found.

The doctor performed abortions at a clinic in Gary, Indiana, as well as in South Bend, Indiana. His home was in Will County, Illinois.

Klopfer's medical license was suspended in 2015 after he was found to have neglected to report an abortion he had performed on a thirteen-year-old in 2012.

Pro-life groups criticized him for the oversight, saying that it put his patients at risk.

"We're all human beings, we all make mistakes, and we have to deal with the consequences, OK?" Klopfer said in 2014 when pressed about the claims against him.

Here's a report from 2014 on Klopfer:

Abortion doctor in courtwww.youtube.com

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