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'Fox & Friends' host warns Trump against declaring a national emergency — here's why he says it's a bad idea


Is it really an easy way out of the shutdown showdown?

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Brian Kilmeade warned President Donald Trump on "Fox & Friends" against declaring a national emergency in order to begin construction on the border wall without Congressional approval.

"It would be a disaster in the big picture and it would just show us being inept and unable to govern around the world," Kilmeade said on the show. "It would set a terrible precedent."

"The next president, if it is a liberal president, will say a state of emergency will be climate change," he explained. "Look at what happened with [Hurricane] Sandy, look at what happened with the earthquake, look at what's happening to the polar bears, who've no place to walk on ice."

"This would be a bad sign that the courts are forced to do something that politicians can't," Kilmeade added. "And that is come up with solutions to problems."

Trump has threatened to use the emergency powers to build the border wall that he promised during the 2016 campaign, but critics say that it would be an unconstitutional abuse of powers and lead directly to legal challenges.

Opponents of the president have claimed that he has obtained too many of his political opinions from watching the "Fox & Friends" show, which he quotes often in his tweets, but they're likely in favor of this opinion from Kilmeade.

This isn't the first time Kilmeade criticized the president's policies — in December he made headlines when he said that Trump's decision to pull out of Syria would help ISIS and advance Russia's foreign policy interests.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) issued a similar cautionary statement about the use of emergency powers.

"It sets long-term precedents," Rubio said, "and I can tell you, that for people on my side of the aisle, one of our concerns we should have is: If today, the national emergency is border security and it entitles him to go out and do something, and we all support that — tomorrow, the national security emergency might be, ya know, climate change, so let's seize fossil fuel plants or something."

Here's the video of Kilmeade's advice:

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