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​Fox News takes a beating in post-election ratings


A rare miss for the cable news behemoth

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Cable network news behemoth Fox News took a rare beating in prime-time ratings in the week after election night, according to the latest Nielsen ratings.

Fox News garnered 5.736 million viewers for its prime-time coverage between Election Day and Sunday, according to ratings released by Nielsen, while CNN came slightly above Fox News with 5.941 million average viewers.

Both fell short of NBC, who averaged 6.33 million viewers partly because of the "Sunday Night Football" game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Election night saw Fox News crushing the competition with 14.158 million average viewers in prime time. CNN saw 9.47 million viewers, with MSNBC coming in at third place with 7.661 million viewers.

Fox News has had to weather numerous incidents that have caused many of their previous fans to seek alternative news outlets, including the YouTube channel of BlazeTV host Steven Crowder.

Fox News was excoriated by allies and supporters of the president after they called the state of Arizona early on Election Day before any other news outlets. When pressured by online outrage to change their call, Chris Wallace said that the Fox News decision desk would not waiver in its decision to call the state. Biden currently holds a lead of just over 11,000 votes in the state.

On Monday, an off-air video of a Fox News host condescendingly dismissing comments about the election call from a guest surfaced on social media and fueled more outrage.

President Donald Trump has also criticized Fox News many times over his term, often when they don't give him what he perceives to be the best coverage.

In May, the president outright complained that Fox News was "doing nothing" to help him and other Republicans get re-elected.

Prior to election night, Fox News had been crushing records with their ratings, prompting The Wrap to credit the network with delivering "the highest primetime averages in cable news history."

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