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Giuliani calls Democrats a 'sad joke,' says he might challenge a subpoena if he's served

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Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal attorney, laughed at reporters who asked about the possibility of a subpoena from House Democrats, and said he might even challenge it if he was served.

"I consider them a joke. A sad joke. They have no legitimacy. I would think of challenging their subpoena on the grounds that they're not a legitimate committee," Giuliani said on Friday to reporters, according to CNN.

Giuliani defended his part in the growing controversy over a call made by President Donald Trump to the Ukrainian president where he asked that their government look into claims of corruption related to the U.S. election.

He said that he was the true whistleblower because he had exposed corruption by Joe Biden.

On Friday, three House committees issued subpoenas to State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo for refusing to provide documents they had requested previously.

Giuliani also said he would not testify if the president told him not to do so.

"Ultimately, if I were to say yes and he were to say no, I can't testify," he told reporters.

The accusations of impropriety against the president were used by Democrats to announce the official commencement of an impeachment inquiry.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) had resisted the calls from the progressive wing of the Democratic party to impeach, but she relented after the report from a whistleblower accused the president of acting unethically.

A poll released Thursday showed an increase in the support for impeachment, but not enough to mark a majority.

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