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Good Samaritan chases down and restrains man robbing elderly woman: ‘God wasn’t letting me let this guy get away’

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A good Samaritan in Butler County, Ohio, jumped into action this week by chasing down and restraining a robber who had snatched an elderly woman's purse.

What happened?

Deshawn Pressley was shopping with his family at a Lemon Township Kroger grocery store on Sunday when he heard screams coming from the aisle next to him, WKRC-TV reported.

Moments later, the 27-year-old saw a robber running past him while an elderly woman, 87-year-old Pat Goins, lay on the ground — and that's when his instincts kicked in.

“I seen him run right past me and after I seen him run past me I ran after him,” the local hero recalled to the news outlet, adding, “God wasn’t letting me let this guy get away.”

Pressley chased the suspect into the parking lot, reportedly pulling him out of his truck and restraining him until police arrived on the scene.

"I just knew I had to do something," he said later.

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The suspect, 58-year-old Derek Vaughn, was arrested on felony charges of third-degree robbery and fifth-degree theft from the elderly, which combined could result in six years in prison. He is being held in Middletown City Jail.

Pressley walked away with only minor scratches on his arm.

What else?

In a news release, the Butler County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Pressley had "wrestled with the suspect" until law enforcement arrived. And during that time, Goins was able to get up and walk out to the parking lot where she found Vaughn under Pressley's knee.

Goins told WLWT-TV that she was shocked by what had just happened and a little hurt, but she mustered up the energy to give the robber a lecture: "I told him, I pointed at him and said, 'You know, if you needed something, all you had to do was ask.'"

She added that she was a target from the minute she walked into the store due to her age and the fact that she was alone, and shared just how thankful she was that Pressley was so quick to jump into action in her defense.

“You are truly a great person," she said in reference to Pressley. "I owe you more than I could ever thank you for and I want you to have a great life, a great year, and love that baby girl.”

Anything else?

Butler County Sheriff’s Deputy James Davenport noted Pressley's actions were all the more courageous because he didn't know whether the suspect was carrying a weapon.

“He’s a hero there especially this time, the time we’re living in here,” Davenport said, according to WKRC. “He’s a hero there to get involved like he did.”

Pressley, who was raised by his grandmother, said it was second nature to come to the aid of an elderly woman in need.

“Elderly people, like, I have all respect for,” he said. “Basically, I love old people to be honest.”

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