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GOP candidate for Louisiana governor blasts gender identity in new ad: ‘As a doctor, I can assure you, there are only 2 genders’


'As your next governor, I will always tell you the truth'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-La.), gubernatorial candidate for the state of Louisiana, released a campaign ad Thursday featuring a series of "truths" to which he abides.

Those truths include remarks about gender identity, Americans' Second Amendment rights, and his pro-life stance.

Abraham, 64, will square off against businessman Eddie Rispone for the GOP nomination. The Republican nominee will then face off with incumbent Louisiana Gov. Jon Bel Edwards (D), who was elected in 2016.

Louisiana will hold a primary election for governor on Oct. 12.

What are the details?

Abraham's 30-second ad is brief but hard-hitting.

"I'm Ralph Abraham, I'm running for governor, and here's the truth: Life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high, and our car insurance is too expensive," he began. "President Trump is doing a great job."

"Facts matter more than feelings," Abraham continued.

"The Second Amendment is self-explanatory, and as a doctor," he chuckles, "I can assure you, there are only two genders."

He concluded, grinning, "I'm Republican conservative Ralph Abraham. I'm running for governor, and that's the truth."

Abraham is a third-term congressman of Louisiana's 5th Congressional District who previously worked as a veterinarian and a family doctor. He is also an Army National Guard veteran, and has previously insisted that his Christian faith guides "everything" he does.

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