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GOP gets dragged for tweeting that 'Republicans believe in limited government'

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

After more than two dozen Republican lawmakers voted in favor of passing a massive omnibus spending package earlier this month, the GOP posted a tweet on Wednesday asserting that "Republicans believe in limited government."

Twenty-seven GOP lawmakers, including 18 senators and nine House Republicans, voted in favor of passing the around $1.7 trillion monstrosity that ran thousands of pages long — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was one the GOP senators who voted in favor of passing the behemoth measure. President Joe Biden signed it on Thursday.

People on social media took notice of the irony of the Republican National Committee's "limited government" tweet coming not long after multiple Republicans voted to pass the omnibus.

"Tell that to the Republican politicians who voted for the Omnibus," Christina Pushaw tweeted in response to the GOP's post.

"Which is why y’all voted for the Omnibus package, right?" Ian Haworth tweeted.

"Like the Omnibus! Do better, GOP..." Steve Cortes tweeted.

"Republicans just voted for a $1.7 trillion spending bill without reading it," tweeted Cabot Phillips.

"'Republicans believe in limited government,' that’s why a $1.7 trillion 4,000 page omnibus is being signed into law with their support," Tom Shakely tweeted.

"Still a key principle of the party - it matters that Republicans profess this, which Democrats cannot - but it would be nice to see it acted upon more often," Dan McLaughlin tweeted

"Republican voters believe in limited government. Republican politicians work with Democrats to make government bigger, every single year," Spike Cohen tweeted.

A number of GOP lawmakers in both the Senate and the House voted recently in favor of passing a pro-gay marriage measure.

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