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Grandmother charged after 2 baby grandchildren die in her care in less than a year, daughter says her mother 'needs to go to prison'
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Grandmother charged after 2 baby grandchildren die in her care in less than a year, daughter says her mother 'needs to go to prison'

A Florida grandmother is facing criminal charges after her two grandchildren died while under her care. The daughter of the accused woman is demanding that her own mother be sent to prison following the deaths of her two young children.

Kaila Nix asked her mother to babysit her 7-month-old daughter Uriel Schock for two hours as she went to a hair appointment on Nov. 22, 2022. Tracey Nix, a former school principal, gladly agreed to babysit her grandchild.

The 65-year-old grandmother went to lunch with her friends and then drove home with Uriel in the backseat of her Lexus SUV. Tracey went inside her home – where she talked to her dog and practiced piano for a "long time," according to WFTS-TV.

One of Tracey's grandsons visited her, and "all of a sudden" it "came across her head" that she left baby Uriel in the SUV, according to the complaint affidavit.

Tracey told detectives that she "just forgot" that Uriel was in the backseat.

Temperatures reached 90 degrees outside Nix's home in Wauchula, and the windows were rolled up on the SUV.

Her husband, Nun Ney Nix, ran to the car, and began performing CPR on the baby. However, it was too late — Uriel died from the extreme heat.

Shockingly enough, another one of Tracey's grandchildren also died under her care less than a year earlier. Days before Christmas 2021, Kaila's other child died while Tracey was supposed to be watching 16-month-old Ezra.

On Dec. 23, 2021, Nun Ney Nix called the infant's father, Drew Schock, and told him, "Something happened to Ezra."

Drew informed Kaila about the situation involving their son.

Kaila rushed to her parents' home — driving as fast as 85 MPH on country roads. She became distracted by a helicopter landing near her parents and ran through a stop sign. Kaila, who was six months pregnant at the time, was involved in a head-on collision with another car.

"All of my airbags went off, I don’t remember how I got out, but I got out and started running to my parents' house and at this point, I don’t have shoes. I’m just running," Kaila told the news channel. "That was my desperation to get to my son."

Kaila said that her doctor advised her to avoid any stressful situation that could cause her to lose her pregnancy.

"They withheld information from me, per my request, per my doctor’s advice, that any information that would work me up or make me emotionally distressful would be harmful to my unborn child," Kaila explained. "And I knew in that moment that as much as I loved him, that she was a real life, and she was coming, and it would be wrong of me to lose her over him, and hurt her and take her."

When she was supposed to be watching Ezra, Tracey had reportedly fallen asleep while her husband was running errands. Tracey found the infant boy lying face down in knee-deep water at a pond near her home. She attempted to resuscitate Ezra with CPR, but he was unresponsive and already dead.

Kaila and Drew never saw the incident report on how their son died under the supervision of Tracey.

A deputy allegedly informed Kaila, "I was told unless I believed that my mom held my son’s head under the water and intentionally killed him, that there is nothing else that they can do about my son’s death."

Schock said, "And that it actually just f***ing happened twice. In our lifetime."

Kaila added, "There wasn’t a moment to get a grip of the death of my son before there was the life of my daughter."

She said that she named her daughter Uriel because it means "God is my light" in Hebrew.

The state attorney's office said there wasn't enough evidence to establish culpable negligence and told ABC Action News, "In cases involving the accidental drowning of a toddler, Florida appellate courts have stated that a one-time lapse of judgment would not establish culpable negligence of the caretaker."

However, Nix was charged with aggravated manslaughter in the death of Uriel Schock.

Tracey's attorney, William Fletcher, said that the grandma is "totally devastated." He added that there are "no winners here."

If Nix is found guilty, she could be sentenced to between 12 and 30 years in prison.

Schock said, "I want justice for my son. I want justice because he didn’t get that. And now I got to sit here and expose this. That way, I don’t let what happened to my son happen with my daughter. And just get off scot-free because I couldn’t live with that as a parent."

Kaila declared, "If I’m objective — she needs to go to prison. As her daughter, it kills me to say it. As their mother, I demand it. I will fight for them."

Toddler drowns, infant left in hot car less than a year apart at grandma’s housewww.youtube.com

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