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White Hollywood costume designer goes berserk in racist rant about killing 'black people.' Now she says she was drunk.


What is even happening in this video?

Image source: Instagram video screenshot

Heather Patton, a 49-year-old Hollywood costume designer, is under fire after embarking on a racist rant about wanting to kill black people.

Patton went on her rage in a California CVS parking lot on Wednesday, where it was caught on video. The video has since gone viral and prompted Patton to issue an apology.

In her Friday apology, Patton said that she was intoxicated during the rant.

What are the specifics?

Patton was caught on camera screaming obscenities and repeatedly shouting "I hate n*****s!"

She also screamed "I just hate n*****s. F*** you, n*****s! I would kill a n***** but the law says I can't kill the n*****s. If the law didn't say that I couldn't kill the n*****s, they'd all be dead!"

When she realizes that she's being filmed, she offers up her license plate number and repeatedly screams the N-word at the top of her lungs.

Witnesses also reported that Patton was driving erratically after the incident.

It is unclear at the time of this writing what prompted Patton to explode.

In an Instagram post, Patton said, "I was intoxicated and I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I disrespected and let down by my actions. Please forgive me."

"I hope the world knows we all as human beings have all made mistakes and gratefully regretted them later in life," she added in a since-deleted Instagram post according to the Daily Mail. "I as a human made the choice to say some words that I should've NEVER let come out of my mouth."

"African Americans help build this very country that I am living in and I hate that I insulted the millions of them," her post continued. She also voiced hopes that all people, including herself, "rekindle the love we shall all share amongst each other" and revealed that she'd lost her job as a result of the rant.

Anything else?

Patton's neighbor, who identified himself only as Tony, added that the woman has a history of these types of episodes.

"Her and her husband have really been behaving dishearteningly with our neighbors," he said according to the outlet. "We had to file restraining orders against her for wanting to threaten us, assault us. They were yelling racial slurs at us like 'Go back to your country."

( Content warning: Rough language):

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