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House Democrats will take first formal steps to impeaching President Trump next week


Despite Mueller's conclusions

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

The House Judiciary Committee next week will begin laying the groundwork necessary for an investigation into President Donald Trump that could result in his impeachment.

According to Politico, the committee is expected to vote on a resolution establishing the rules for special hearings related to what chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) calls an ongoing "impeachment investigation."

CNN reported:

The resolution, sources say, is expected to make clear that future House Judiciary hearings can be conducted in ways different from most congressional hearings since the panel is considering impeachment. For instance, the resolution is expected to authorize committee staff counsels to question witnesses, something that is typically not done at congressional hearings.

The resolution also will spell out how secret grand jury information can be reviewed in closed-door sessions. And it will say that the President's counsel can respond in writing to the committee.

The exact language of the resolution has yet to be finalized, although that is expected Monday. The language will reflect precedent set in 1974 during impeachment proceedings against then-President Richard Nixon, CNN reported.

The committee's vote is expected to take place on Wednesday.

The action will emphasize the "officialness" of the impeachment inquiry, which Democrats believe will "heighten their leverage to compel testimony from witnesses," Politico reported.

The move comes after Nadler announced last month that the Judiciary Committee had already initiated impeachment proceedings against the president despite never taking formal action to do so.

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