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Rapper Ice-T says we need a 'redo' on the Constitution because the founders owned slaves

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Rapper and entertainer Ice-T appeared to weigh in on the debate over Roe v. Wade when he posted a meme and called for a "redo" based on the founders owning slaves.

The popular rapper, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, posted the tweet from his official social media account on Thursday.

"The United States was founded by men who owned slaves and didn't extend equal rights to women, so we can stop pretending all the documents they wrote are infallible," the meme said.

Marrow didn't elaborate on what he meant by a "redo," but the sentiment fit with recent demands from many on the left to pack the Supreme Court or completely ignore the Constitution altogether.

Many on the right rejected the rapper's message.

"You, sir, are welcome to leave. Maybe enjoy Canada or something," read one tweet with more than a thousand likes.

"I imagine that this fact is the reason why the 13th, 14th, and 19th Amendments were added. It’s a perverse thing to pretend that issues addressed over a century ago… haven’t been tended to at all," read another response.

"Those documents allowed for the correction of both these issues. So I think you are demonstrating their effectiveness, not their weakness," replied another critic.

While liberals loved his anti-Constitution tweet, they have imploded over previous tweets that he has sent. In one incident in 2019, he posted an image containing elements from the QAnon conspiracy theory, and many on the left excoriated him for it.

He later explained he didn't know anything about the conspiracy theory and that he simply liked the quote. He also told his detractors to eat a male reproductive member.

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