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Man with COVID disguises himself as his wife, boards plane, then makes a major mistake mid-flight and gets caught.

ADEK BERRY/AFP via Getty Images

A man wanted to take a flight, but he was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The COVID-positive man from Indonesia devised a scheme where he was able to board a commercial plane by dressing up as his wife. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for one mistake he made in the middle of the flight.

The Indonesian man, who was only identified only by the initials "DW," went to the Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport in Jakarta. He wore a niqab that covered him from head to toe, including a full-face veil that only features an opening for the eyes. He used his wife's ID and her negative PCR test results to get past security and board a commercial airplane, according to CNN.

During the Citilink airlines flight from Jakarta to Ternate, the cross-dressing passenger got a little too cocky. He entered the bathroom dressed as a female, but departed the lavatory as a man wearing men's clothing. The attempted switcheroo was noticed by an eagle-eyed airline attendant, who foiled his COVID caper.

The flight attendant notified airport authorities in Ternate, who apprehended the passenger as soon as he disembarked from the plane.

"The airport immediately contacted the Ternate City Covid-19 Handling Task Force team to evacuate the man while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and then taking him in an ambulance to his house (in Ternate City) to self-isolate, where he will be supervised by Task Force officers," Ternate Covid-19 Task Force Operational Head Muhammad Arif Gani told reporters.

Local police said they would prosecute the man after the isolation period.

Indonesia, which is the fourth-most populated country with over 273 million people passed Brazil in the highest number of new coronavirus cases in the world last week, according to the World Health Organization. Last week, Indonesia recorded 350,273 new cases — a 44% increase from the week before.

The WHO's latest weekly COVID-19 update saidmore than 3.4 million new coronavirus cases were reported worldwide between July 12 to 18, which is a 12% increase from the week before.

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