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Joan Collins says 'rise of anti-maleness' is sabotaging an entire generation of young men who are 'suffering from being labeled toxically masculine'

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British actress, author, and speaker Dame Joan Collins says that she fears for the future of young men for having to evolve in what she suggested is an overly woke society.

What are the details?

Collins, 88, recently told the New York Times that the #MeToo movement has left in its wake an "anti-maleness" sentiment that is targeting young men and leaving them bereft of what it means to actually be a man. Now they are suffering from the label of toxic masculinity.

“Sadly, I think that now young men are suffering from being labeled toxically masculine,” she explained, “because of this rise of anti-maleness.”

She added, however, that she does believe that women are "equal to men in every single way," save for "physical strength."

"People say you didn’t burn your bra, you wear lipstick. So what? I’m very proud of being a woman,” the longtime entertainer insisted.

She went on to suggest that while men and women are equal, there is a definitive line between the two and scoffed at gender-neutral terms.

“What’s wrong with actress?" she asked. "What’s wrong with mother? What’s wrong with woman? Girl? I don’t like having that word taken away.”

What else is there to know about this?

In October, Collins hit out at cancel culture and said that anyone looking to ruin a someone else's life is "sick."

At the time, she said that she completely avoids social media because she refuses to play into cancel culture attacks.

“I don’t want to engage in any way, shape or form with these morons,” Collins said.

She went on to add, "People can’t say what they think, because they’ll get canceled. Dredging up tweets from 15 years ago, about what somebody might have said when they were 14, I think that’s sick."

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