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Joe Rogan rips into Biden double standard: 'If that guy was a Republican they would be up his a** with a microscope'

Photo (left): Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images; Photo (right): Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Joe Rogan launched into a rant against what he saw as a double standard on corruption allegations against Democrat President Joe Biden.

Rogan made the comments during an interview with comedian Theo Von on his podcast while they discussed Biden's advanced age. Von opined that Biden is so old that he doesn't know what was happening to him, but Rogan disagreed.

"Yeah, but he kinda does, and he's kind of a c***," said Rogan.

"Well, that could be true," replied Von, "but he doesn't know ..."

"He's always been a c*** though. You go back and listen to that guy lying about his education record and lying about his accomplishments. He's always been a problem!" Rogan interrupted.

"And also, all the f***ing stuff with his son and the ties to Ukraine and China and the money. The family, they got paid millions of dollars and everyone was trying to obscure it because, ‘Well, better than Trump. Better than Trump,’" Rogan continued.

"If that guy was a Republican, they would be up his a** with a microscope!" he added.

"I know, it is unbelievable," replied Von.

"But he represents what they thought was like a sane alternative to what President Trump was. They thought, 'This is insane, Donald Trump is the president? F*** that, anything's better than him,'" Rogan continued.

"And so they went with this corrupt career politician," he added.

"Yeah," responded Von.

"I mean it's wild stuff, man, they even got the FBI involved in telling Twitter to censor the information about the laptop, it's crazy!" Rogan added.

Rogan was referring to the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was carried out by Twitter and other platforms under guidance they received from the FBI saying they should be on the lookout for possible Russian disinformation ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Rogan's podcast is among the most popular in the world. He agreed to move his podcast to the Spotify streaming service in a deal reportedly worth between $100 million and $200 million.

Here's Fox News on Rogan's comments:

Joe Rogan rips double standard on Trump vs. Biden: 'They would be up his a**'www.youtube.com

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