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John James announces Senate run—but the Trump campaign might not be happy about it


James lost his Senate election in 2018

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Republican John James announced another run at a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan on Thursday, his second attempt after a narrow loss to incumbent Debbie Stabenow in 2018.

James is a promising candidate with high name recognition, but some in the Trump campaign would prefer he didn't run for Senate, according to Politico.

What he said: "I believe it is time again to serve. I believe that right now nothing has changed," James said on "Fox & Friends. "I still have a passion for service, I still have a clear vision, understand that service before self. I also, as a combat veteran, understand the service and sacrifice our veterans make every single day and willing to stand up for this country. Not any party, not any ideology, but putting country first, putting Michigan first, and I'm looking forward to continuing my service."

Who is he? James is 37 years old, a graduate of West Point, and a veteran of the Iraq War. He is currently the president of James Group International, a supply chain and logistics company based in Detroit, which was co-founded by his father. He's married with two children.

He entered the 2018 race in Sept. 2017 after a candidate dropped out of the Republican primary to pursue a House seat. He lost by 7 percent to incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Why would the Trump campaign not want him to run? There is some belief within the Trump campaign that a candidate as relatively high-profile as James would motivate more Democrats to come to the polls, potentially making the state more difficult for President Donald Trump to win in 2020. They would rather James run for a House seat this time.

That's not to say he and Trump aren't aligned. The president even considered James as a potential replacement for Nikki Haley when Haley stepped down from her post as United Nations ambassador.

Who is he running against? James will face Democratic incumbent Sen. Gary Peters in the election.

(H/T Hot Air)

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