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CNN analyst on trucker protest: 'Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks'

Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

A CNN analyst issued an extreme solution for the "Freedom Convoy" protest against vaccine mandates, and many on social media excoriated her suggestions.

Juliette Kayyem said that law enforcement should slash the tires of the trucks, empty the gas tanks, and arrest the drivers before moving on to even more drastic proposals.

"The convoy protest, applauded by right wing media as a 'freedom protest,' is an economic and security issue now. The Ambassador Bridge link constitutes 28% of annual trade movement between US and Canada," Kayyem tweeted.

"Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks," the Harvard professor added.

"Trust me, I will not run out of ways to make this hurt: cancel their insurance; suspend their drivers licenses; prohibit any future regulatory certification for truckers, etc. Have we learned nothing? These things fester when there are no consequences," Kayyem added in a second tweet.

Many took to social media to express their disagreement with Kayyem's proposal.

"I know a lot of responses to academics on Twitter are performative culture-war posturing, but this tweet is dumb on a historical level and deserves what it’s getting," replied attorney Ken White.

"You want to punish hard working people that are peacefully protesting against tyrannical mandates and standing up for bodily autonomy? You’re a terrible person," read another response.

"Slash the tires and empty the fuel… to move them? I don’t know if that will work but ok," joked another detractor.

"Harvard isn’t sending its best," joked commentator Carol Roth.

Kayyem clarified later that she was not calling for vigilante action against the truckers.

Earlier today, I tweeted something that has been used by others to suggest I was promoting vigilantism. I was not. People have the freedom to protest. Governments have the responsibility to protect public safety. That was what I intended to say.

On Thursday, the Canadian government successfully obtained a court order to freeze the millions of dollars in donations garnered by a GiveSendGo campaign for the truckers.

Some Canadian provinces have ordered pandemic restrictions to be eased or lifted altogether in the wake of the protests and the decrease in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Here's more about the trucker protest:

Truckers block roads and bridges in Canada in protest over COVID-19 mandateswww.youtube.com

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