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'Arrogance masquerading as patriotism' — Ken Starr says Trump impeachment is nothing like that against Bill Clinton


"...she is wrapping herself, as the Democrats are, in a flag of patriotism."

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The independent counsel who led the investigation that led to Bill Clinton's impeachment says that the impeachment being pursued against President Donald Trump is nothing like the case against Clinton.

Ken Starr opined about the impeachment inquiry on Friday during an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News.

"For one thing, President Clinton committed crimes," said Starr.

"Perjury," added MacCallum, "lying about what happened with Monica Lewinsky."

"And also, obstructing justice, and he was found in contempt, Martha," Starr continued.

"Not by the Congress, but by a United States district court judge for what, obstructing justice, you don't do that. Think of the 'Me Too' movement," he explained.

"Oh, everyone just lies about that? Oh really? Under oath? I don't think so, that's not the law of the land. And in stark contrast, President Trump has not committed any crimes whatsoever," Starr said.

"This has been an impeachment in search of a label," he added.

Starr went on to recommend that Americans read the testimony in the impeachment inquiry where officials admitted that the president has committed no crimes. He also blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats for pursuing impeachment while pretending they were doing it for patriotic reasons.

"What the Speaker has done is stepped out of her historic role, she has arrogated power to herself and she is wrapping herself, as the Democrats are, in a flag of patriotism. And I think it's frankly, arrogance," he claimed.

"I think it's arrogance masquerading as patriotism," he concluded, "and the founding generation insists, we hear their echoes, we must impeach. And with all respect, that's just profoundly wrong, and it's unfair to the country."

Here are the comments from Ken Starr:

Ken Starr: The big difference between Trump, Clinton impeachments

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