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Kohl's and Target exposed for pouring money into LGBT group that seeks to indoctrinate children with gender ideology and undermine parental rights

Image source: YouTube video, Fox News - Screenshot

Retail chains Target and Kohl's are presently facing conservative "Bud-lighting" boycotts for targeting children with LGBT activist apparel. It appears that kids' fashion is not the only thing these woke companies seek to change.

Kohl's and Target have both poured significant amounts of money into an organization that pushes gender ideology on children as well as policies that undermine parental rights.


The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network is a New York-based organization that promotes gender ideology and sex-change acceptance in K-12 schools throughout the country.

The group appears committed to:

  • transforming teachers into LGBT doctrinaires;
  • incorporating gender ideology and pro-sex-change content into school curricula as a means of raising "the awareness of all students";
  • pressuring schools to implement activist-approved policies, thereby ensuring classrooms accommodate their social-constructivist dogmas; and
  • weaponizing student-led clubs to buttress their pressure campaigns.

Where indoctrination is concerned, GLSEN insists that "students of all ages must be given an opportunity to learn that the words 'gay,' 'lesbian,' and 'transgender' are adjectives that should be used with respect" and that "it is never too early for schools to set up a foundation of understanding and respect" for non-straight sexual preferences.

Fox News Digital reported that one of the books in GLSEN's "Rainbow Library," provided to ideologically compliant schools free of charge, is titled, "Beyond Magenta."

Here is an excerpt from this particular book, which describes a 6-year-old child as "sexually mature": "I was sexually mature. What I mean by sexually mature is that I knew about sex. From six and up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them. I liked it. I used to love oral. And I touched their you-know-whats. We were really young, but that's what we did ..."

In addition to peddling LGBT propaganda that sexualizes children, the organization also pushes for elementary school children to "explore" their "gender identity and expression"; transvestic boys to be included in girls' sports; teachers to teach that sex and gender are distinct; and the use of false pronouns from an earlier age.

GLSEN also seeks for gender ideology to be integrated into all subjects, including math.

In addition to sowing confusion, the organization insists on keeping kids' primary sources of clarity in the dark.

The Daily Caller highlighted a GLSEN guide from 2022, in which the organization stressed the importance of teachers hiding information about a student's so-called "gender identity" from parents and guardians.

"The fact that a student chooses to use a different name, to transition at school, or to disclose their gender identity to staff, educators, or other students does not authorize school staff to disclose a student's personally identifiable or medical information to anyone," says the report.

According to Parents Defending Education, GLSEN "uses a 'youth safety' message to achieve political goals."

Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, the executive director of GLSEN, said in a January 2022 interview, "LGBTQ+ young people in schools and their student groups, like GSAs, have always been the hub, kind of the breeding ground, the soil from which these sparks of activism come up," adding, "What we understand is that young people — period — are going to help us understand the vision forward and the way forward to the future."

Kohl's and Target pay to undermine parental rights and normalcy

Target — recently called out for peddling LGBT onesies for babies, "tuck-friendly" bathing suits, drag queen books for kids, and Satanic agitprop — has long partnered with GLSEN.

The company states on its corporate DEI page, "We're proud to partner with GLSEN for more than a decade, working to ensure all students have a safe place to learn. Target annually supports GLSEN and its mission to create affirming, accessible and antiracist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students."

Fox News Digital reported that Target has donated at least $2.1 million to the indoctrination group.

Kohl's, which has over 1,100 stores in 49 states, announced in December that it had doled out $5 million to various groups. Among these groups was GLSEN, which Kohl's awarded a $35,000 grant.

The company indicated that these funds would go toward "the organization’s Education and Youth Services initiatives, which produce research-based tools that enhance educator and student capacity to create the kinds of respectful affirming and LGBTQIA+ inclusive classrooms and schools that every child deserves."

TheBlaze previously reported that Kohl's underscored in its 2022 ESG report that it is in the business of woke evangelization, stating, "We believe embedding DEI in everything we do requires an ongoing journey of listening, learning, and taking action."

The corporate leadership behind Kohl's is not interested in just selling toddler-wear inscribed with transsexual slogans, but "embracing opportunities to address racial, gender, sexual orientation, and economic disparities."

One of the company's stated goals is to commit $20 million "to diverse communities from 2022 to 2025," including members of the so-called "LGBTQIA+" community, noting it had already committed roughly $8 million of that goal last year.

The two companies appear have been rewarded for their carriage of LGBT activist gear and financial support of gender ideology in schools.

Forbes noted that Kohl's was ranked as a top 50 company last year on DiversityInc's Top Companies for LGBTQ Employees, "the standard metric in ESG reports on the internal policies of a company." Target was ranked #4.

Both companies were also recognized for their compliance with perfect Corporate Equality Index scores from the Human Rights Campaign, a powerful LGBT lobby group.

Willingham-Jaggers, who calls herself "non-binary," is upset that her outfit, which undoubtedly aided with the woke companies' ESG scores, is now being scrutinized. She claimed over the weekend that recent efforts to highlight GLSEN's indoctrination efforts and the organization's ties with big businesses amounted to "attacks."

Willingham-Jaggers said in a statement, "These recent attacks from right-wing extremists show how important and necessary the work that we do is."

The GLSEN executive director added, "We cannot let a violent, angry minority hold our democracy, our school system, or our community hostage. As GLSEN and LGBTQ+ people continue to face attacks, we’re committed to our mission and to the students that rely on us, and we’ll continue to fight to ensure that every single student can go to school free from fear."

Another LGBT activist outfit, GLAAD, similarly got its dander up about GLSEN's exposure.

GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said, "Right-wing media spread dangerous lies about GLSEN yesterday and put a target on them. ... The inaccurate and hateful attacks on our friends at GLSEN are reprehensible."

It is unclear whether Willingham-Jaggers and Ellis regard quotes from their organizations' materials as constituting "attacks."

Woke corporations are finding this out: Tomi Lahrenyoutu.be

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