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Left-wing students sign fake petition to change 'Hurricanes' mascot at U. of Miami — since it's 'offensive' to those hurt by hurricanes


'I totally get that. I think that's super respectful.'

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In the wake of college students getting up in arms to ditch school mascots deemed offensive to them, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips traveled to the University of Miami recently to see how far he could push wokeness on the matter.

So he walked up to students with a fake petition to remove the college's famed mascot — "Hurricanes" — as it's potentially "offensive" to students who've been "negatively impacted by hurricanes throughout their lives."

As it turns out, wokeness is indeed alive and well at the university.

"F*** yeah!" one student replied, agreeing to sign the phony petition, the outlet said.

"There's gonna be people who have PTSD, and this could f*** them up," another student said, according to Campus Reform, adding that Phillips replied that "even if it's just a few students that are hurt by something, we can't pride ourselves on being, like, an inclusive campus ... if we neglect a few people."

Another student told Phillips regarding his fake quest, "I totally get that. I think that's super respectful," before adding, "Awesome! Good for you."

What about other mascot names?

The subject of what would replace the old mascot came up a few times, and Phillips was primed for such a discussion, noting suggestions were being taken for a "healthier alternative" to the Hurricanes.

One student suggested "Cacti," which Phillips loved. But "Tornadoes" and "Sharks" — not so much. Phillips noted that even if there's one shark-bite victim on campus, that could spell trouble for such a mascot.

Students Sign Fake Petition To Ban "Hurricane" Mascot At Miamiyoutu.be

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