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Leftist Michael Moore begs Iran's Ayatollah for no violence after 'our assassination' of Soleimani — and gets pulverized for 'appeasement'


'On your knees for the leader of a country that chants "Death to America" on a daily basis ... this is pathetic, Michael'

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Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore — among the most prominent celebrities working to get rid of President Donald Trump — tweeted Sunday that he begged Iran's Ayatollah to refrain from violence after "our assassination" of his bloodthirsty Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and offered to instead "let me & millions of Americans fix this peacefully."

Soleimani — who led Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force, aided terror in the Middle East, and ordered the killing of Americans — met his end last week in a U.S. military airstrike ordered by Trump near the Baghdad airport.

How did folks on Twitter react?

A look at the reactions to Moore's tweet shows folks don't see eye to eye with him — and some called his actions "treason."

  • "This is literally YOU!"
  • "On your knees for the leader of a country that chants 'Death to America' on a daily basis ... this is pathetic, Michael.
  • "That's called TREASON and it's punishable by death."
  • "I really think you should make your appeal in person, Michael."
  • "Yeah, appeasement always works."
  • "Michael Moore should be taken into custody immediately."

Another Twitter user hoped Moore would be arrested for violating the Logan Act, which prohibits U.S. citizens from corresponding with foreign governments in relation to disputes with the U.S. and can result in fines or imprisonment.

What else has Moore been up to?

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