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Liberal social media is absolutely melting down over Trump's latest tweet — it's about the border wall


Right-wing media is enjoying the spectacle


Critics of the president went into overdrive on social media over a tweet he posted on Friday about a design for his promised border wall while Congress debates a possible government shutdown over the issue.

Here's what the president tweeted that set off so many on the left and the media.

"A design of our Steel Slat Barrier which is totally effective while at the same time beautiful!" the president tweeted.

Twitter immediately blew up with angry responses, many focusing to the emphasis placed on the dangerous spikes.

"'Beautiful' is an interesting word choice for an image highlighting spikes meant to drive through another human being's flesh and bones," tweeted Daily Beast journalist Matt Laslo.

"Huh?" responded CNN's Jim Acosta. "After attending rally after rally during the campaign with chants of 'build the wall' and promises that Mexico would pay for it, this is where we end up? A cartoon image of pointy spikes unveiled days before Christmas as the government is on the verge of a shutdown."

"I love the emphasis on the pointy part....don't worry folks, these aren't nice slats...you could easily impale yourself!" commented Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali.

"We have the most militarized and secure border in history, and the number of people trying to cross in the last several years is at the lowest level in decades," said former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

"But hey - $5 billion for steel slats or Trump shuts down...the Department of Homeland Security," he added sarcastically.

"Trump added the death spikes to his fence to appease his blood thirsty base of idiots," said Roland Scahill. "The idea of an immigrant child's entrails dripping down the steel slats will win him their approval."

On Thursday, the president said that he would call the border wall the "steel slat barrier," if that would make it easier for Democrats to pay for its funding. "It's all about America First," he added.

Here's the latest on the border wall debate from Fox News:

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