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MSNBC viewers melt down over Chuck Todd comment about Biden agenda imploding

Photo by: William B. Plowman/NBC

Liberal viewers of the progressive cable news network MSNBC raged on social media after host Chuck Todd said that President Joe Biden's successful nomination to the Supreme Court was to be his last victory.

Chuck Todd made the comment during the celebration of Democrats over the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court despite the passionate objections by some Republicans in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Todd characterized the Supreme Court victory as possibly the last one for the White House, apparently referring to the impending loss of congressional seats for Democrats in the midterm elections amidst collapsing support in the polls.

Viewers of the channel were outraged that Todd refused to ignore the sorry state of the future of the Democratic party.

"I mean I just watched this amazing inspiring event with Justice Jackson and then Chuck Todd comes on and basically throws [sh*t] all over it," responded writer Tony Posnanski.

"Chuck Todd’s opening words just threw shade on the historic day: 'A win for the Democrats, but what if it’s their last?' This tone deaf mofo is so out of line, @MSNBC. Read the room," read one very popular tweet.

"So @chucktodd decides to try to ruin a historic moment by saying this may be last victory for this WH? Perhaps he needs to apply at @RNC for a job more suited to him," said another outraged viewer.

"Chuck Todd would rather throw cold water on Judge Jackson’s party today and criticize Democrats," said another critic. "Fire Chuck Todd Hire Jen Psaki.

"And without fail,Chuck Todd comes in with 'it’s a victory for the Democrats,but will it be their last for the year ?' and media wonders why we call them partisan hacks," replied another angry viewer.

This is not the first time Todd has outraged MSNBC viewers over his honest criticism of Democrats. In November, he said that massive spending would be bad for Democrats, and in March, he said Biden didn't have much of a loyal fanbase. In both cases, viewers demanded he be fired for his insolence.

Here's Todd giving more bad news for Democrats:

Poll Numbers Push Democrats Into ‘Dangerous Territory’ In Midterm Meter www.youtube.com

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