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Homeless activists trash Los Angeles mayor's home to protest new ban on encampments

Image Source: KNBC-TV YouTube video screenshot

Los Angeles City Council officials voted to ban homeless encampments near schools and parks, and outraged homeless activists protested by trashing the mayor's home.

The council voted for the measure on July 28 by a vote of 13-2 and Mayor Eric Garcetti signed it into law.

The new ordinance bans encampments around parks, schools, daycare centers, recently built homeless shelters, bridges and overpasses. It also restricts homeless encampments that block the public use of sidewalks and violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Homeless activists were outraged at the ordinance and accused the city council of "criminalizing" homelessness.

City Councilman Paul Koretz argued that the new law simply increases accessibility.

"This ordinance, by itself, does not criminalize homelessness" Koretz said. "What it does is… [it] creates a new framework to keep portions of our public right-of-way accessible to everyone."

Other critics of the law say the order is much too bureaucratic — the council would have to vote on each encampment before removal. Additionally, after approval, signs would be installed and there would be a two-week public notice period. The city would also organize outreach teams to help the homeless people affected find resources available to them.

Homeless activists responded by protesting at Mayor Garcetti's residence. Video on social media showed that protesters left garbage, scrawled graffiti on the sidewalk and pillars, and hung toilet paper from the trees. They also chanted, "F*** Garcetti! He's f***ing up our city!!"

Activist Eddie Cruz told KTLA-TV at a protest outside city hall that officials were acting irresponsibly.

"We believe that this is an irresponsible attack from the City Council and an irresponsible way to deal with the homelessness crisis that is occurring in Los Angeles," Cruz said.

Here's more about the new Los Angeles homeless law:

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