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Louisville police report on Breonna Taylor's death left out key details, listed her injuries as 'none'


She was shot eight times

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The police report related to the police shooting of Breonna Taylor had some inaccurate and missing details, including listing "none" for Taylor's injuries, despite the fact that officers shot her eight times and killed her during a botched raid, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

Months after Taylor was killed when officers attempted to execute a no-knock warrant at her home after midnight as part of a drug case, Louisville Metropolitan Police released the report from the incident. The "narrative" portion of the report, where you would expect to find the most important information, only has the words "PIU investigation.

The "no" box is checked under the "forced entry" portion of the report, but officers used a battering ram to break down Taylor's door.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer called the report "unacceptable."

"Full stop. It's issues like this that erode public confidence in LMPD's ability to do its job, and that's why I've ordered an external top-to-bottom review of the department," Fischer said, according to the Courier Journal. "I am sorry for the additional pain to the Taylor family and our community."

The police department blamed the error on the reporting program, and said they're trying to correct it.

"Inaccuracies in the report are unacceptable to us, and we are taking immediate steps to correct the report and ensure the accuracy of incident reports going forward," an LMPD statement said.

Taylor was killed March 13 when three LMPD officers — Jon Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison — showed up to her home after midnight with a no-knock search warrant to enter her home. Taylor was named on the warrant due to an alleged connection to drug trafficking. The officers, who were reportedly dressed in plainclothes, say they knocked first anyway, but witnesses have contradicted that claim.

Kenneth Walker, Taylor's boyfriend, was in the home at the time. He said he thought intruders were trying to break in. When officers burst into the apartment, Walker fired one shot that struck an officer in the leg. Officers returned fire, killing Taylor, before leaving the scene. Walker can be heard sobbing on the 911 call after the confrontation, as he was left at the home with Taylor's dead body.

Walker was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, but that charge was later dropped. He owned the firearm used in the shooting legally. The three officers have been placed on administrative reassignment, along with Joshua Jaynes, the officer who requested the no-knock warrant, pending the investigation.

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