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Man fatally shot after being saved from South Carolina lake. His shooter — who is also his rescuer — will not face charges.

Photo by Mikael Sjoberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Authorities ruled that a Tuesday shooting at Lake Keowee in Oconee County, South Carolina, was self-defense.

What are the details?

In a press release, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office said that it will not file charges in a case where a man who was saved in a water rescue was ultimately shot by his rescuer.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday afternoon, when two unidentified people on a pontoon boat observed two other unidentified people floundering in the water without life jackets.

The two on the pontoon boat approached the other two people — who had been riding a jet ski before apparently losing control and ending up in the water — and executed a rescue, pulling them up into their pontoon boat.

According to reports, the second couple's jet ski continued running on the lake and was doing circles in the water. The rescued male reportedly became agitated and began assaulting the couple on the pontoon boat, reportedly wanting to get back to the jet ski. The rescued female, reports added, attempted to de-escalate the situation and pushed the man into the water. The man climbed back into the boat for a second time, during which time he reportedly began assaulting the couple once more.

At that point, the male rescuer pulled out a gun and shot the man, who died on the boat.

Investigators said that they believed the rescued couple may have argued on the jet ski before they were ejected into the water.

Prosecutors have ruled the shooting self-defense.

A later release from the sheriff's office identified the victim as 29-year-old Nathan Drew Morgan.

"Investigators met the 10th Circuit Solicitor’s Office yesterday to present the evidence and information obtained in the case," a portion of the release read. "Based upon evidence that was presented, 10th Circuit Solicitor David Wagner has determined that the shooting was in self-defense and no charges will be filed. According to Investigators, all parties have been notified of the decision not to file charges in the case."

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