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Man released without bail after allegedly beating up two women in random NYC attacks. He was set free last year due to bail reform after another alleged attack.

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A man with a lengthy rap sheet, who allegedly beat up two women on Thursday in random New York City attacks, was set free with no bail due to the state's controversial bail reform law, the New York Post reported.

Law enforcement sources said that 23-year-old Darrell Johnson — who's been arrested more than a dozen times since 2014 — beat one of his victims so badly that she suffered a “disfiguring laceration” to her face, the Post added.

What's more, the homeless suspect was charged last year for a similar beatdown on a man — and set free due to bail reform as well, the paper said.

What's the background?

On Aug. 3, 2020, Johnson was charged with assault and harassment after punching his male victim in the face multiple times in a Harlem building, the Post said, citing a court complaint.

Johnson then allegedly “used his feet to kick and stomp” the man, the paper said.

But the Post said a Manhattan judge had to release the suspect without bail since the charges weren't eligible for the restriction connected to the reformed state bail laws. The paper said that before the laws were changed, judges could use their own discretion in regard to setting bail.

The aforementioned case against Johnson is still pending, the Post said.

What happened next?

Which brings us to Thursday morning, when Johnson allegedly went on the attack in Manhattan once again.

The paper, citing sources, said he allegedly approached a 50-year-old woman at Broadway and West 79th Street around 9:20 a.m. and carried out a “violent, unprovoked” attack on her. She's the previously noted victim who suffered a “disfiguring laceration” to her face, the Post said.

Then three minutes later, Johnson allegedly assaulted a 32-year-old woman a block away on West 80th Street, walking up to her and punching her in the face, which caused “redness and swelling,” the paper said, citing the complaint.

Both women were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the Post said.

What happened in court?

Manhattan prosecutors in court Friday recommended Johnson's release under supervised monitoring in connection to the attacks on the women, the paper said — and the judge granted the request.

The district attorney's office told the Post that none of the charges against Johnson in this latest case were serious enough to let the judge order Johnson held on bail.

New York Defender Services, which represent Johnson, declined to comment Monday, the paper said.

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